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Adding Individual Product through ECWID

You can now use shortcodes as oppsoe to coopy and pasting embedded code, to add individual products to your site using ECWID.

Please refer to http://help.ecwid.com/customer/portal/articles/1085017-wordpress-downloadable-

How to embed a single product on a page or post of my site?

In addition to embedding a whole product catalog on your WordPress site, you can also feature a single product on a separate page or blog post of your site and allow your customers to purchase the product right from that page. You can use [ecwid_product] shortcode for this.

To embed a product on a page or post

  • Open the page or post in the editor in your WordPress site backend (“Pages” or “Posts” section correspondingly)
  • Add the following code to any place of the page code: [ecwid_product id=”12345“]
  • Do not forget to replace 12345 with the actual product ID. See also: How to get ID of your product
  • Save the changes

That’s all, the product widget should appear on your site.

In addition, the [ecwid_product] shortcode supports several parameters that you can use to customize the look of product on your site. Here are them:

1. ‘display’ defines which elements to show in the product widget and the order in which the elements appear. The following elements are supported:

  • picture
  • title
  • price
  • options
  • qty
  • addtobag

‘link’ defines whether the picture and title of resulting widget should be linked to the product details page inside the main Store page on your site. Supported values:

  • yes
  • no