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FAQ – Collapsible Answer and Response

Do you wish to able to display and hide additional content?  This is great for FAQ type pages or just to save space on a page. If so, email support@wellsites.com.au and ask them to install  Collapse-O-Matic plugin.

To use is very straightforward, all you need is to add a shortcode that will control what is displayed and what is hidden.

trigger text

hidden content


my first question
this is the answer to that question.
my second question
this is the answer to the second question. I can write as much as like here

Styling Trigger Text

I can also format the display.  For example, if I want the trigger text to be of style heading2:

my first question

this is the answer to that question

For a full list of shortcodes and formatting options, please read: collapse-o-matic documentation/