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Link tab on navigation menu to external site

Using WordPress menus, external sites can be added to the navigation menu.

A good example, is linking Third Party Appointment Booking System to the website.

  • login to dashboard
  • go to Appearance menus
  • On left hand side, you have Pages, Links.
  • Click on Links


  • Add the url to the extedrnal site
  • Add the Text to be seen on the Navigatioin menu e.g Book an Appointment


  • Click on Add to Menu

This will append the new link to the bottom on the Menu. Drag and place the new tab where you wish for this new item to appear.

Since this is an external link, it is still recommened that it opens in separate tab/window when visitors click on the tab, thus enabling visitors to stay on the website.

  • At the top right hand side of the page, there is an called Screen Options. Click on the down arrow to open up the optiuon list


  • Select Link Target
  • In the Navigation menu. Find your external link.
  • Click on the down arrow to open the options.



  • Select Open link window/tab
  • Save Menu.
  • Go to browser. The new tab will appear on on navigation menu