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My menu tabs appear to have changed

If items on your navigation menu don’t appear  as they should,  the most likely that you are using WordPress Menus and the Primary Menu is no longer set or pointing to wrong the menu (if you have more than one). To Fix: login to your dashboard Go to Appearance – WordPress Menus Set PRIMARY MENU… Continue Reading

Create a “Hidden” Page

There are times when a page needs to be created but you do not wish to place it on the navigation menu. Examples: Creating a thank you page that is only viewed when a form is submitted Creating a page that can ONLY be accessed if a hyperlink is clicked on. There are 2 methods… Continue Reading

WordPress Menus

You MUST have at least Chief Editor access to use WordPress menus. When to use WordPress Menus Your Website Theme is already configured to use them You have a large number of Web Pages and it will make it easier to manage all those pages. WordPress Menus WordPress Menus are found under the Appearance tab… Continue Reading

Page Hierarchies

Setting Hierarchies of Pages Submenus for any page can be easily created. There are no limits to how deeply nested pages could be listed. Select edit page or add new page. On the right hand side at the bottom is the Attributes menu. Under Parent is a pull down menu. This lists all the pages… Continue Reading

Page Order

Setting Order of How Pages Appear Pages are usually ordered alphabetically within the main navigation menu bar of the website. Pages can be placed in a specific order, by using the attribute menu button within either “edit page” or “add page” (if it is a new page). In the above example, the intention is to… Continue Reading