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Adding Mp3 Audio to your site

Adding an MP3 to your website is very simple.MP3 audio files are uploaded in the same way as an image file is uploaded. WordPress now recognizes MP3 and has it’s in-built MP3 player. Click on Add Media button as you would to add an image: Upload your MP3 Insert the Mp3 into your Post/Page This… Continue Reading

Adding Hyperlinks and Text Formatting to Image Captions

From WordPress 3.4,  you can format your captions and add hyperlinks to your captions, using HTML.  Basic HTML  Bold  <strong>Bold</strong>  Italics  <em>Italics</em>  My hyperlink to Wellsites  <a href=”http://www.wellsites.com.au”>My hyperlink toWellsites</a> If you don’t know, HTML don’t worry. Create your caption sentence within a draft wordpress page. Add the hyperlinks and any formatting you require e.g… Continue Reading

Create a Button

This will require a little of bit of html. It will also depend on your theme. To create the  following button [button link=”#”]Create a Button[/button]   Create your hyperlink as normal. switch to html mode Find your hyperlink. Hyper links always begin with <a   and end in </a> Just before href=”http:// ….     enter the following … Continue Reading

How do I link to a PDF document

How do I link to a PDF document

1. Upload the PDF through the Media Library. 2. click on edit. 3. Select ALL the file url and copy. 4. Go to relevant Page/Post. Highlight the relevant wording. E.g Open User Guide. 5. Click on Link Button. Enter the full path of the PDF document under the URL. 6. Remember to Tick  – “Open… Continue Reading



  Create hyperlink icons are used for creating hyperlinks and removing hyperlinks respectively.  The icons will remain greyed out until a word, sentence or image is highlighted. The chain icon  is used to create a  hyper-link. Highlight section to be linked. This can be a word, sentence or image or both an image and text… Continue Reading