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Mailbox is full

It is important to cleared down your mailbox, if you been notified that is nearly full. Once the mailbox is full, you will not receive any emails and your clients will receive a mail delivery failed message.

All your emails are stored within your domain. You can access them directly:  http://mycompanydomain.com.au/webmail.

A Document conataining your username and passwords and how to access your account would have been sent to you when your domain was first set-up.

Receiving and replying to emails, can fall into 2 categories:

Using Outlook, MacMail, iPad, Smart Phone

If you are using a program like Outlook, MacMail or using mail on iPAD and on most smart phones, your email account is fully synchronised with your mail account.

What does this mean?  It means that if you have set-up your email on account on both your computer and phone, then all devices will receive the same email. More importantly, if you delete an email from one device, it will be deleted from all devices including the mail server on your domain.  Therefore keeping all emails synchronised.

There are several steps that you can take to clear down your mailbox and ensure that it does not get full

  • delete any unwanted email
  • ensure that your trash/delete folder is cleared out
  • clear down your spam/junk folder
  • Clear down your Sent folder, especially emails with large attachments

Depending on your email program,

  • set-up archiving. This automatically archives old emails and can save space.
  • set-up retention policy against your deletion folder. Either empty immediately on exit or save for a short period of time.
  • set-up retention policy against your spam/junk folder
  • set-up retention policy against your sent folder. You can set the policy either in terms of number of emails or period of

Using Google Mail, yahoo etc

Email program like google, yahoo, hotmail etc allow you to set-up multiple email accounts. This allows you to receive and reply as that account.

Unfortunately, unlike Outlook (see above) they do not fully synschronise with the mail server on your domain. Meaning if you delete email within google, this DOES NOT get deleted on the mail server. Therfore email builds up in your inbox.

If this is the case, please login directly to your webmail account and clear out your inbox.  This will be something that will then need to be done from time to time.