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Plugins are third party products that extend the functionality of WordPress. These products range from security, to social media, to slideshows to enhancing the dashboard. If there is a feature you think you might need, in all likelihood there is a plugin for it.

Many plugins are free, some require a licence fee etc.

You MUST have Administrator access to install plugins.

Guidelines on Installing Plugins

Always check the Details against plugin first. The Details provide the following information

  • Ensure that the plugin is compatible with your version of Wordress.  It can be one or 2 minor revisions behind. For example
    Current wordpress version  Compatible WordPress version  Ok to Install
     3.2.3  3.2.x  Yes
     3.2.3  2.x  NO


  • Check the number of times the product has been installed.  The higher the number the better.  Single figures, the product is very new. If the figure is in it’s thousands, then it has a strong community base.
  • Check the screenshots and details to confirm that the plugin is providing what you are looking for.
  • Check any support links. If they lead to nowhere, it implies that the plugin is no longer being supported. Do not Install.
  • If you get any errors during the installation of a plugin,  de-install immediately.

If unsure, please feel free to contact Wellsites Support and we can test out plugins for you.