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Media Library

When images are uploaded to WordPress, they are automatically stored within a media library. Click on Media on the Dashboard Navigation menu, there are two options, Library and Add New. The Library will list all images and media currently uploaded into WordPress. Images and media can be pre-loaded before they are inserted into a webpage… Continue Reading

Change Image Alignment

To edit the alignment of the image on the page, select the image. Then click on the camera icon. The alignment can be changed by selecting any of the four options : None, Left, Right, Center.As the box is selected, the image within the text box is moved to show how the image will look… Continue Reading

Add an Image to a Page

Adding images, audio or video is very simple in WordPress and the same method. There is no right or wring answer on how big an image should be. This very much depends on your web theme and what you want to acheive.¬† Certain guidelines: Do Not upload standard Jpegs straight from you camera – they… Continue Reading