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How do I create a link in my page that reference another part on the same page.

This type of link is called an anchor link.  It is very useful if you have a page with many sections and you would like your visitors to jump directly to a particular section. It is also used often, if a visitor has reached the bottom of the page and you them to able to go back to the top quickly.

The Anchor is made up of two parts: the source and the destination.




Create Destination Link

The destination  link can be created as normal through the hyperlink icon link-icon.   You then create a name for the link. If you are to create more than one link within the same page/post, then each name must be unique.  At the url the name is preceeded with a #.

  • Go to the bullet points
  • highlight section1
  • create the link


Or you can do this directly In Text Mode

Create Anchor Link

  • Stay in Text Mode.
  • Go to the line just above the actual section you want to jump to
  • create Anchor. The name MUST be identical to the name you used in creating the link.

<a id=”section1“></a>;


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Then switch back to Visual mode.

Create Back to the Top of Page anchor

  • click into Text mode
  • At the top of the page define the source:  
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Define the destination(link)  :  Back to the top of the Page>
  • Then switch back to Visual mode.