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Formatting Text

Formatting Text

The formatting bar within the page/post is very similar to most text editors.If only a single row of the formatting bar is shown, click on the icon at the end of that row (position n) and the full formatting bar will be displayed. Click again on the icon, the format bar will return to a single row.

Formatting Bar



To change the format, use the cursor to select a word, a sentence or even a whole area. Then click on the relevant button within the format bar to change the format.

  : Italic
  : Bulleted List
  : Numbered List
  : Blockquote: Indents a paragraph both right and left. This will look different depending upon the theme’s stylesheet.
 horizontal-bar  Horizontal Bar – places a horizontal bar within your content
  : Paragraph Alignment: Left,
  : Paragraph Alignment Center
  : Paragraph Alignment Right
  : HyperLink: For adding a web hyperlink. The icons are grayed out until text is highlighted.
  :Unlink. To remove hyperlinks form a text or image
 read-more-tag :Read More Tag: Inserts the word “More” into the page.
  : This expands the text box to the entire screen. See Full Screen Editing.
  : Expanded Menu Bar — Click on this icon to show (or hide) the second row of icons.
  : Formatting List — This provides a drop-down list of additional formatting styles, such as Headings, that can be used to format text.Click on Format and pull-down the menu for all formatting options.
  : Underline text
  : Align the text in full
  : Pull down menu for font colours. The default is black.
  Copy-and-Paste Plain Text (clipboard with T icon)— Click on this icon when pasting plain text, such as text from a web page into the page.
  : Remove any formatting
  : Indent (tab) text
  : Outdent text
  : Redo Command
  Undo a command
  : Help button
: Upload images into your post/page. This menu can be found directly above the formatting bar

Formatting Bar