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Re: Website Hosting Issues

Re: Website Hosting Issues

As promised, here is the additional information regarding the website outages:

A vulnerability was found on the server which had been exploited enabling the DNS to be modified and the routing of some sites on the server to be redirected.  It was a hybrid version of the a Kaminsky attack

This has now been resolved. However, to hopefully use a ‘belt and braces’ approach we have asked a further server administrator, independent of the data centre, to conduct a security audit of the server. This is presently underway and a few further modifications are being made.

We are very sorry about the outage and the obvious inconvenience it has caused. However, the sad truth is that any website with any provider can be subjected to attack.

We pride ourselves on fixing servers as quickly as possible in the event of such an issue, but also putting systems in place and updating software to prevent them wherever possible and also to protect your data. The reality is that sometimes, thankfully very rarely, the bad guys get one step ahead of us. All data is intact on the server and there are always 5 backups from the last 5 days are also stored off the hosting server.

We also recommend that you maintain your own regular backups (https://wellsites.info/extras/backup)

If you still have any questions or need any clarification, please email support@wellsites.com.au

Once again, many thanks for your understanding

Carolyn & Annamaria