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Adding A New Page

Click on the Pages menu bar, select Add new page. The page will look exactly like the “edit page”, except that it is empty.

Fig 8: Add Page
Fig 8: Add Page

Enter the title of the web page at the top (position A). The title entered here will be the titled viewed on the navigation menu of the website.

Start typing and formatting the web in the main window (B). The formatting menu bar (C) is identical to the bar in the edit page.

By default the page will be placed within the main website navigation menu. To change the order of where the page should be placed or it create the page as a submenu, the values are set within the Attribute menu (E). This will be discussed in more detail in the section concerning Setting Hierarchies of Pages.

At any point you can save the page as a draft or publish or preview it within the publish menu on the right hand side of the page (D).