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WordPress Menus

You MUST have at least Chief Editor access to use WordPress menus.

When to use WordPress Menus

  • Your Website Theme is already configured to use them
  • You have a large number of Web Pages and it will make it easier to manage all those pages.

WordPress Menus

WordPress Menus are found under the Appearance tab on the Dashboard.

If WordPress Menus are used, then they will override any Page Hierarchies or Page Order set within a WordPress Page.

From Appearance -> Menus you can:

Provide a name for your main navigation menu

  • Go to Appearance – Menus
  • Enter a name for you navigation menu and click on CREATE MENU

  • Assign it as the Primary Menu to Take effect

Add new pages

Method 1

Select ” Automatically add new top-level pages” in the top right hand corner.  Each time a new Page is Published, it will be automatically appended to the Main Navigation Menu.

Method 2

Select individual pages from the Pages menu on the Left Hand Side. Click on “Add to Menu“.

Change order of pages

Create submenus

Delete pages from the main navigation menu

Please note if you have ” Automatically add new top-level pages” ticked in the top left corner, you will also need to place the WordPress Page into Draft Mode or Delete it altogether.