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How do you set-up a Tab that is not a page?

Have you ever wanted to create a tab on your navigation menu that was just a placeholder?

Now you can.  A good example is a Services tab. Very often you want to A Service tab which then lists all your services as a submenu, but you don’t actual want any content on the Services tab itself.

To do these – you must use WordPress Menus to control your navigation menu.

Here’s how you can add Static Top-Level Tabs:

  • Go to your Menus page (Appearance -> Menus)
  • You will need to add a Custom Link.
  • Set the URL as #.  Using # will prevent the page from refreshing when you select the tab.
  • Label your link. The label name will represent what is seen on your navigation tab


  • click on  “Add to Menu” button.
  • Organize your menu items like you would normally do within WordPress Menus, hit the “Save Menu” button, and you’re done!


View the website:

  • place mouse over Services and you will see your list of submenus
  • Click on Services. Services is now a placeholder. Nothing happens.